New Beginnings

Sadly, today marks my last day at CUSI. After a little over nine years, this chapter of my professional career is coming to a close. When I started at CUSI in October 2005, I was a fresh, green kid just a few months out of college. I took a job as a technical support representative… Read More »

Controlling Loops in PowerShell

In one of my early PowerShell scripts, I was piping an array into foreach and with each item in the array validating the item to see if it needed to be processed.  When writing C#, I prefer to limit nesting as much as possible.  So many times in iterative loops, I will check for a… Read More »

The Power of PowerShell

For at least a year, my good friend Grant kept telling me how awesome and amazing Windows PowerShell was.  I had been busy and quite frankly had not seen the need for it, yet. Then one day the light went off.  I had written a “small” console app in C# to parse a text report… Read More »

Small Quirk With the LAST_VALUE Function in SQL Server 2012

While preparing for a presentation I was giving for NEADNUG, I was playing around with the new FIRST_VALUE and LAST_VALUE functions in SQL Server 2012.  The behavior of the last value function caught me off guard and was not as I expected.  Consider the following query against the AdentureWorks2012 database. SELECT psc.Name ProductSubcategory , p.Name… Read More »

Is Your Data Really Safe From a Disaster?

If a your database server were to crash suddenly, are you confident that you can recover your data with little loss of data? Image: Danilo Rizzuti / If you answered yes, let me ask you another question.  Have you successfully tested restoring your backup lately?  If you haven’t, well you should and should do… Read More »

Excitement of the NL Wild Card Race

Wow!! The baseball season has been absolutely amazing this year. The finish to the season hasn’t been disappointing one bit. After 161 games, the season comes does to the final game. Going into the 162nd and final game of the season both the AL and NL Wild Card races were in a tie. The Boston… Read More »

Dusting Off the Clubs

Last weekend, I played golf. Normally I wouldn’t consider this to be big news, but this was the first time I have played golf in the last two years. I must admit that I was rather surprised by how well I hit the ball. The front nine was a little rough mainly due to a… Read More »