Where Has Time Gone

Wow! What in the world has happened to the last few months? Between work, family and other things coming up, I have barely had time to catch my breath much less write. I feel horrible about not getting to write so I am squeezing in a little time to write a short post while eating… Read More »

Identity Columns and Reseeding

The DBCC CHECKIDENT statement can be used to reseed or reset the value of an identity column.  It is a statement that should be used carefully and selectively.  I have used the function many times in the past, but recently I came across some strange (but documented) behavior. To illustrate the strange behavior, we will… Read More »

Jonesboro Gets 3G (Finally)

Today is a monumental day for AT&T customers in Northeast Arkansas. Finally after years of rumors and waiting, AT&T has turned on 3G in the Jonesboro area. The Edge data network that had been in place had gotten atrociously slow to the point where using my iPhone on Edge almost impossible. Verizon has had 3G… Read More »

Teaching Others

Teaching others can be challenging and requires a great deal of patience. Teaching is also something that not everyone is good at doing. The funny thing about teaching is that just because you are good at something it does not mean you will be good at teaching it to others. I would consider myself to… Read More »

2011: New Year, Fresh Start

When I started this blog last year, I wanted to keep the focus on software development and technology. Technology is a huge part of my life and I work in the field, but it is not the whole story of who I am. I want to make this blog representative of me, so I am… Read More »